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To anyone considering building a home, When my wife and I were looking into building our home we felt intimidated and overwhelmed by the entire building process. We had heard many horror stories from other people about going over budget, and having the move in date extended several times. We were a busy family, and we did not have time to constantly monitor the project. After meeting with Bob Buescher we felt that we had found the right builder to make our needs in a home his top priority. Our needs were simple; we wanted a home that we could easily remodel to fit our needs as a growing family, we wanted the house to be built on schedule, and we wanted the house to be on budget.

Bob Buescher Homes met every one of our needs throughout the entire building process, and the process was actually exciting and fun. Not only was our house built on budget, but we moved in a full week ahead of schedule. Our story might seem rare, but it is a story that all Bob Buescher Home owners have experienced.

The Bob Buescher Homes team was so wonderful at their jobs that we never felt the “normal” aches and pains of building a new house. Bob Buescher Homes is known for quality, but it extends much farther than the home alone. His staff and his team of dedicated craftsmen worked with us to make sure that we were satisfied with each step in the building process. We plan to remodel our home in a few years to meet the needs of our changing family, and we will only be making one phone call. Our expectations in home building and remodeling have been elevated, and we know that only Bob Buescher Homes can satisfy those expectations.

I have recommended Bob Buescher Homes to both friends and family. That might be the best compliment I can give to a homebuilder. If you are even considering a remodel or building a new home, do yourself a huge favor and give Bob and his wonderful team a call. You will not be disappointed, and you will find yourself pleasantly surprised on how easy a process working with Bob Buescher Homes can be for a busy family. Bob Buescher Homes truly delivers the home and the building process of your dreams.


Our house is beautiful!!

You should all have burning ears as we almost daily praise our builder and his wonderful group of working angels!


To Bob and Building Team, I just wanted to send you this brief note to express my thanks to you and your staff for a job well done. This was a big undertaking for me and my family and I'm not always the most patient person or the easiest to please (that's probably hard for you to believe)! However, you made our experience an enjoyable one and we are quite pleased with the results. Please pass on to your staff - Joe, Jay, Jeff, Fred, Kim and office staff and support people my thanks for their efforts on our behalf. Again, thanks, and best wishes to all of you.



Larry & I would like to sincerely thank you for a very gorgeous home. The quality and workmanship is extraordinary. We really appreciate the care that was extended by all of your employees and work crews - it is evident in the finished product. This building experience has been a joy and one we will pass on to our friends and family.

Larry & Sheryl

To all at Buescher Homes- 

Just wanted to say a big "Thank You" for what you all did in making my first experience in building a 'new house' a great one. We did pick The Right Builder!!! If Buescher Homes wants or needs a recommendation - please have them contact us.

Terry & Erika

To Bob & Jay, 

Susie and I wish to thank you for a very enjoyable home building experience and our great new home. Prior to our decision to build, many of our friends voiced concerns about their home building experiences. Due to your reputation and our realtor's assurance that Bob Buescher Homes operated differently than many other local contractors, we threw caution to the wind and decided to give it a try. From that moment on, all of our fears were dispelled by your thorough, timely, and friendly manner of handling business.

Having done several home remodeling projects myself, I have garnered a little understanding of how things are done in the home building process. I was extremely happy to find that I didn't have to worry that your company would cut corners if I didn't "watch dog" the project each step of the way. In fact, you and your employees met or exceeded our expectations of a quality built home. This was a refreshing change from the low quality work we have come to expect from so many professional organizations.

I would think the ultimate compliment for a home builder would be that their client's building experience was as enjoyable as the completed home. If this is true, then Susie and I are paying Bob Buescher Homes the ultimate compliment; we have thoroughly enjoyed both! Thanks to each of you for making our decision to build, the right one!

Rick & Susie

Dear Bob and Coworkers,

It's hard to believe that we have been settled in our new Buescher home for a year already. We just want to tank you for making the process of building so easy and uneventful. The whole Buescher team was congenial, kept us informed of the next building phase, and provided outstanding workmanship on our new home.

Would we build with the Buescher team again? Most certainly - if we were 30 years younger! The new home we just had built is just right for our "Senior years".

Thanks again Bob and coworkers !

Roger & Diana Rapp

Dear Bob and Crew,

We have wanted to drop you a huge Thank You for awhile now, but we have found ourselves very overwhelmed with the moving process. Now that the kids have finished school and the house is 90% decorated we feel like there is enough air to breathe. There are not enough words to describe how wonderful our building process was. We actually miss seeing our Buescher Team daily. The building process was so easy as well as enjoyable from start to finish. Bob's expertise and design plan hit our dreams head on. The layout of not only the house but the property itself is perfect. Family and friends couldn't believe that a large project like ours was completed in such a timely manner. We credit the organization and cooperation of your team members Kim, Fred, Jeff, Rick, Monty and Jay as well as all the great subcontractors for finishing in six months. Those guys really worked very hard and did a great job staying on top of the project. We felf very listened to when normal building glitches occurred and these issues were always handled in a very quick and professional manner.

The house feels so perfect! It is comfortable and warm and family and friends find it cozy and relaxing. We find ourselves spending most of our time on the great front porch. (Well, at least Justina and the kids are - Troy hardly gets out of the barn, let alone off the tractor). The kids still tell everyone how Bob the Builder built their "awesome house". We agree with the kids, Buescher Homes did a great job. Anyone can build a house but not everyone can build a home. We thank you for being part of ours.

Troy & Justina Girod


I wanted to take a minute to express my appreciation for the service provided by the team at Bob Buescher Homes. We built our home on Cordell Cove in Hawthorne Park with Bob Buescher Homes in 2005, and moved in (January of 2006). Recently we uncovered a problem with our water pressure that was preventing us from using the sprinkler system that we had just paid to have installed this year. Upon tracking the problem down, we uncovered that the issue was caused by a blockage or restriction in the pipe that feeds water to our house.

When we found out that the problem was on "our-side" of the city shutoff valve, we were immediately worried about the potential cost that it would take to find the problem, run a new line, etc. Skeptically, I called Bob Buescher Homes to discuss the situation. I explained to Bob, and asked if there was a warranty that would cover something like this. Bob's exact words were "I don't care about any warranty, let's just get the problem fixed". Within hours, Kim showed up, located the problem and fixed it (while taking great care to minimize the disruption to my yard and landscape). We breathed a sigh of relief, as this concerning situation was taken care of.

While some may say "You should not have had a problem in the first place", I realize that a home is a complex system of structural, electrical, and mechanical systems all working together. These systems will have issues from time to time (regardless of who did the work). I measure the quality of a company like yours not only by the initial quality of the work, but by the way they you stand behind your work and take care of your customers. In this case, the team at Bob Buescher Homes far exceeded my expectations. Because of this, I regularly make it a point to mention how well I was taken care of to friends and neighbors who ask about the problem that we had.

The team at Buescher Homes has earned our respect and primary consideration for any future projects that we may take on. Please pass this "THANK YOU" on to the team.

The Stenger Family

Bob & Team,

We are now settled into our beautiful new Bob Buescher home and we couldn't be happier. Many thanks to all of you who helped bring our vision to fruition. The building process was a pleasure from start to finish because you listened and were responsive to our needs, making us feel like full partners on the journey. Thank you for your professionalism, your competence & your caring.

Joe & Nancy Conrad

To Bob & Staff,

We are finally settled in our beautiful new home. We absolutely love it. It's gorgeous. We knew we picked an excellent builder. We couldn't be more pleased. Thank you for all the professionalism and the "pickiness" from your entire staff. Your reputation is unbelievable.

Thanks for everything!


Larry & Ginny

To Bob Buescher and his A-Team,

We've been searching for months for the right words to say and realized that words can't express just how we feel. WOW did we make the right choice. From our dream of choosing one of your models, to Bob personally inspecting our choices of lots, Bob's vision and suggestions made our dreams come true, and then some. For nearly 20 years as a remodeling contractor, I expected at least one major problem. I saw only a few minor problems but they were corrected the next day before we had a chance to ask. Our home was hand built with pride. It's so strong and so beautiful. I'm lost for words again. Thank You for making our dreams come true!

Lee & Jo Ann

To Bob, Joe, Jay, Fred, Monte and every person who built our home,

Thank you very much. From the very beginning to the final walk through everything has been perfect. We love the house and are really pleased with everything. Again, many thanks to each and every one of you.

Dick & Bonnie

To Bob, Jay, and all those in the Buescher Homes "family,"

Thank you so very much for all your hard work, expertise, perseverance, and especially patience in the building of our new home. We are definitely grateful for everyone's part in our big project!

Thanks to all!

Paul & Rosemary

Dear Bob,

What a great time we had in our new home at Christmas. This is just a note to let you know what an enjoyable experience it has been working with you, your staff, and your subcontractors. Each was helpful, available, and friendly.

Before we started the process of building, we were warned by a number of people that it would be a "trial by fire" for our marriage, including a lot of conflicts with the people we'd be working with. Happily, this turned out to be the opposite of our experience. We can't imagine having built with anyone else, and we have already shared this sentiment with many people. We appreciate everyone's patience with our many questions, as well as Buescher's emphasis on quality. We're also grateful for your sensitivity to the fact that to us, it's our home, not just another house. Considering the size and scope of your operation, this cannot be an easy task.

Bob, we especially appreciate your presence on-site throughout the process and during the final walk-through. Don't ever change the way you do things, because certainly from our perspective, you're doing it right.

Greg & Amy

Mary and I just wanted to say thank you for all of the work everyone put in to build our home. We are extremely happy with how the house turned out! The whole process was made simple and enjoyable for us. We could not be happier. I would highly recommend BBH to anyone who was looking to build and we have already been doing just that. Thank you again! 



Nate & Mary

The Buescher Team, 

            Just a quick note to tell you how much we are enjoying our Buescher Home. We moved in early June of this year and still find new things that make our home even nicer. 

            We thank the Buescher Team for making our build such an enjoyable experience. Everything ran like a well oiled machine. All of the subs were great to work with and everyone spoke highly of Bob Buescher Homes and how they enjoyed being a part of the Buescher Team - your subs are some of your best sales people!! 

            We only had a couple of questions during the build and when we asked about them, they were addressed or corrected quickly.         

            We hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and we wish you a Happy New Year.


The Madden Family


Just a note thanking you for drawing up great plans for my library/craft room.  The new addition far exceeded my expectations! My greatest fear was that the addition would look like an add-on.  The new room looks like part of the original house built seven years ago.  

You have an outstanding crew!  Randy and James made sure the addition was done to our liking and immediately adjusted the few little corrections that needed to be made.   It's been a pleasure working with you and your crew members.

Roger & Diana


Please find the completed survey I received regarding the building of my new home in Ottoville, Ohio. It is impossible fore me to restrict my comments to one page; therefore, I am writing to provide you with my perception of the building process.  This is my fourth new home.  I approached this project as "something I had to get through".

By the time I found your name on the internet, I was already frustrated as I had difficulty getting the local builders to take me seriously.  Bob, I want you to know that from the time I walked into your office and was greeted by Sherry--so professional and kind---this process was uncomplicated and effortless for me.  When someone does an exceptional job all of the time, that exceptional job becomes the expectation personally and by others.  YOU are the exception.  You have hired the very best people and obvioulsy provided those people with an environment within which they can excel.

Bob, thank you for the design of my house--for me it is perfect.  I would have never thought of the "things" I love most about this house.  For example, I love the open staircase to the basement and the front porch.  Every time I pull up to this house I love it more.

Just to let you know---I will NOT be applying for the jobs being done by Jeff, Jan, Jay and Kim.  I gave Jan so little information to work with, but that turned out to be a good thing.  She certainly knows how to make a house into a "showplace". And Jeff---those CHANGE ORDERS---OMG whatever you do don't let him leave because no one else will ever take that job-- and he certainly sends the message that he is NOT unnerved by yet another CHANGE.  I have to wornder if his office is padded so he doesn't hurt himself when he sees yet another change order.  And then there is Kim.  It didn't take me long to figure out that he was at my house making sure that everything was being done correctly.  I would drive by the house very early in the morning, after taking my dog for a run, and there he was---inspecting.  I very quickly quit wondering how "things" were going---Kim was taking care of that.

The sub-contractors and suppliers also did a great job.  When the people laying the brick were there they were working----and working hard.  I had a lot of respect for them.  The young man who met with me to review the electrical work made suggestions that I am grateful for every day--spot lights in my back yard, outside lighting, and lighting under the cabinets.  The fireplace---perfect.  The painters---beautiful job---maybe some people wouldn't notice but I certainly do appreciate their work.  The people who did the woodwork---absolutley perfect and I notice every day.  And Jesse---what can I say---he is the best.  The most important sentence on these two pages is what the sub-contractors said to me about you and your company---"you picked the best builder".

So with all of that said, Thank you Bob.  And thank you to all of the people who...


Bob & Team,

We love our place.  People are always amazed that we had it built while we lived so far away - we just tell them that we know we could trust you & your team to do it right.  

Cory is a great guy.  He is always helpful so we are happy to reciprocate any way we can.

Thanks Again,

Gary & Paula

Gary & Paula

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